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Handmade pop up Greeting Cards

Handmade pop up Greeting Cards

This unique hands made greeting cards designed with three-dimensional  lodge.

Their number is limited, but unlimited in design possibilities.  So in the future, you will find here a wide variety of different occasions.

Made with care and love - to admire, and to remain a pleasant memory for a long time.

Each postcard has a packaging - a transparent cellophane bag with an adhesive foldable closure.

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3D Greeting card "Golden Chest"

Red cardboard with gold "bindings", inside - golden house on red barchat paper...


3D Greeting Card "Goldfish Amber House"

Sea motifs on the cover, and the cottage is yellowish in color and therefore amber-like parchment p..


3D greeting card "Hexagonal"

 Motifs of Lithuanian folk ornaments burned on the cover of light yellow textured paper, insid..


3D greeting card "Ornament"

 Ornamented with mild cream-colored matte paper over darker brown matte paper...


3D Greeting Card "Rūta"

Motif of Lithuanian national flower. Lacquered and matte two-tone paper with red hut inside...


3D Greeting Card "White Fairy Tale"

White paper with various textures; cut-out decoration; laminated shiny hut windows, inside - white ..


3D Greeting Card ROYAL

Paper - red barchet with golden glitter ornament, with red barchat strips on golden cover, gold hut..


3D Greeting Card Silver 1

Silver hut; the base colors are available in the choices.  ..


3D Greeting Card WAWE

Cover cut and painted with ornaments, inside the red barchat base framed in gold-colored corrugated..


3D Greeting card “Duchess”

Red barchat paper, gold corrugated cardboard, glossy gold house...


3D Greeting Card “Gothic”

Glossy gold leaf motif cover, inside - red house on the gilt base. ..


3D Greeting Card “In the depths of the sea”

Cover image - cut, painted and lacquered, light and dark blue paper base, decorated with wave ornam..


3D Greeting Card “Lithuania”

Lithuanian flag colors - yellow, green, red - greeting card. On the cover Lithuania’s map silhouett..