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About Author

I was born in the Black Tiger years in the sunny May Sunday in Plungė. At first I was taught by my mom, dad, brother, sister to walk, talk… Later I was learning in the Third Plungė’s High School and At Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. Mostly my work was as a lab technician – I worked in "Linų audinių" factory , in Plungė‘s Butter Factory, and at All-Union Research Institute for Butter and Cheese-making Industry ( subdivision  in Kaunas).

Unexpected event was in 1995. I become a journalist of Žemaitijos Televizija. There I have created cultural programs. In the editorial office of "Žemaitis" I wrote articles, photographed, I became advertising specialist and newspaper layout designer too. Later I was interested in the secrets of creating webpages and Flash with ActionScript3 programming – it was for me very interesting thing! (Take a look at my first website - www.vaja.lt).  And I did design for my second website www.vingiorykste.lt.
What else? I am married. We have a daughter. I'm writing books.
I released three editions of the book „Mano geroji draugė ragana“ („My girlfriend is a good witch”; 2001, 2006 and 2017). This book has won the Prizewinner title of Lithuanian Country Writers Union (I'm a member of this union).

Many things have influenced my creative work. In a good sense, most of all, my city - Plungė: with its deep traditions, active cultural activities, wonderfully beautiful surroundings and respectable history. Everything from everything up to nowadays to the preservation of folk customs in everyday life to high-cultural events at the International M. Oginskis Festival, to world-wide exhibitions of painting at the Samogitian Art Museum. Famous personalities lived and created here - Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, Juozas Bagdonas ...

That's why I want to introduce a little bit about the most beautiful corner of the world - Samogitia. There are some words and some photos about it  in my blog...