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About the book MANO GEROJI DRAUGĖ RAGANA ("My Good Friend Witch"is in Lithuanian language. Maybe a more accurate title of the book would be " My Girlfriend is a Good Witch ").

I chosen the witch as books heroine.  I was  fascinated by life and work of Eugenija Šimkūnaitė, a doctor of natural sciences. Friends called her a witch and she was loved and respected.


I was fascinated by her wisdom, good-natured attitude and strict responsibility for nature, herbal remedies, healing, lifestyle.


I wanted to conveying all the basic knowledge not only to my daughter Ieva, so I wrote this my book.

It includes wisdom from the Old and New Testaments, other books.

Practical tips were put into the publication. I wrote about the serious things with the humor.


This book also includes character types that I have studied for more than a quarter of a century, psychological patterns that you will not find anywhere else.
This book unexpectedly it became popular - perhaps because it is easy to read or perhaps because it is simply useful. I have dedicated my book to girls in general, but most often women buy her and give to their  daughters.

For my great joy, in 2001, the book won the laureate's name in the Lithuanian Country Writers Union (Lietuvos kaimo rašytojų sąjunga, chairman Kostas Fedaravičius).

The second edition of the book was published with another author Aivars Rimkūnas - his work is on the opposite side of the book.

When stockpile of this publication run out (its left only a few copies), I began thinking about book as souvenir. I bookbinding the book, so it become more valuable as gift.


The leaves are sewn with linen waxed yarn, the cover is double-laminated.  I created house ( it is between the leaves). When book is opening 3D hut appears.

Thus, the third edition of the book became a unique thing because, according to the bibliophiles, it is not yet known that there are books in Lithuania that were created by one person from the very beginning. Much more - also the "house"... is placed into the book. Text written with good wishes and rising mood. Sincere and playfully laid out tips. A book illustrated with warmth.  I hope it will always delight you whenever you use the book in your hands!

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